Social dancing style first popular in Scotland during the 18th century and then revived by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society during the 1920s; Considered the traditional “ballroom dancing” of Scotland. Scottish country dance was carried around the world by Scottish immigrants, and by Highland regiments. Join us for one of the Weekly Classes.. Many Scots will know enough steps to get up and join in one or two Scottish country dances, but only trained dancers would attempt Highland … It remains popular world-wide, in places as far away as Paris, Japan, and Moscow. Our classes offer an outstanding learning environment where instructor, dancers and their families can focus on learning and perfecting technique. Welcome to Scottish Country Dancing! Unlike traditional solo Highland dancing, Scottish Country Dancing features multi-couple sets working together to complete a sequence of formations. Welcome to the home of the Dallas Highland Dancers. What Is Scottish Country Dancing, Anyway? In the south of England, highland and Scottish country dancing caused a wave of enthusiasm to sweep over the Service Establishments. You don’t have to be Scottish, wear a kilt, or even speak English to enjoy Scottish dancing! Scottish country dancing is a social activity. Scottish Country Dancers of Colorado meet across the Front Range. Scottish country dance was carried around the world by Scottish immigrants, and by Highland … Scottish country dance (SCD) is the distinctively Scottish form of country dance, itself a form of social dance involving groups of couples of dancers tracing progressive patterns.A dance consists of a sequence of figures. There are branches of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society the world over, from Boston to Bombay, with classes, parties and balls open to all. Many officers of Highland Brigade supported the dancing, and it was taught at the Joint Service Staff College, the Army Staff College, the Royal Navy College, and the Royal Military Academy. It’s based on ancient folk dances, mixed with elements of ballet, influences from the Royal court of France, and some overlap with Highland dancing. Scottish Country Dancing traces its roots to the 18th century when English country-dance formations were mixed with Highland music and footwork. There are three kinds of Scottish dancing: Highland dancing, step dancing, and Scottish country dancing. Dance classes suspended until futher notice & the Virtual Highland Games July 18, 2020 Remembering Rebecca Teeters April 16, 2020 2020 Highland Games canceled April 12, 2020 Scottish country dance is the traditional social dance of Scotland. There is an extensive repertoire of dances, some over 300 years old, many newly … Enjoy social dancing at a Monthly Regional Dance.. Beginners of all ages are welcome and no partner is needed to come dance at the classes. The DHD strive to share our passion by educating others in traditional Scottish Highland dancing.