The wrestler performs the fireman's carry from a standing position, then tosses the opponent off their shoulders as they drop down to their knees, causing the opponent to land on their back. This was invented by Kensuke Sasaki .The wrestler stands behind an opponent and applies a half nelson hold on their opponent, placing one of their hands against the opponent's neck after hooking the opponent's arm with it. …, We are only a few days away from the 2021 Royal Rumble, and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on a great…. Often used by a wrestler to stun an opponent and set him or her up for another move. The wrestler catches and grabs the opponent from either his waist or both legs, and lifts the opponent so he would either face the mat while being vertically elevated off the mat (with both his legs grabbed over the wrestler's shoulders) or literally facing the wrestler's back while being lifted upside down with the wrestler still taking hold of both the opponent's legs (back-to-belly position). Examples of attacks from the standing wrestler include performing a European uppercut to the falling opponent,[4] or catching the opponent and then performing a sitout powerbomb. Another version sees the wrestler pick the opponent up on to their shoulders in a powerbomb position and dropping backwards while throwing the opponent so that the opponent flips forward and lands on their neck and upper back. They then scoop the opponent's near leg with their other arm and lift the opponent up, flip the opponent upside down, and then either kneel or sit down, driving the opponent down to the mat on their neck. Many of these moves are used as finishers by many wrestlers. A powerslam is a professional wrestling body slam move in which the wrestler performing the slam falls face-down on top of the opponent. A cross-legged and wrist-clutch version of this move also exists. This move plus some other variations are sometimes referred to as a facebuster. The wedding smasher: Groom stuns guests with WWE-inspired body slam on professional 'grappler' best man who interrupts nuptials. The wrestler lifts their opponent so that they are seated on the wrestler's shoulders, facing away from them, as in a powerbomb. Also known as the reverse full nelson slam, this variation sees the attacker tuck and slide their arms under the opponent's armpits and then clutch the opponent's lower jaw. A lifting version also exists, where a wrestler applies a sleeper hold to the opponent, lifts the opponent up and slams the opponent into the ground. The wrestler can also cross their leg between the opponent's leg before hitting the reverse STO, with this slight variation being known as a leg hook reverse STO.It was innovated by Gedo. The wrestler starts by facing their opponent and then grabs them around their waist, lifts them up, and then either slams the opponent down while landing on top of them, or tosses them forward on to their back. The wrestler then falls sideways, driving the opponent down to the mat shoulder and neck first. Fightful Select has reported Matt Riddle has signed a new WWE contract, an … It is commonly used by Kalisto and Cedric Alexander. At this point, the attacking wrestler shifts their weight so that they fall backwards to the mat while forcing the opponent to fall forwards with them, only to have the attacking wrestler push up with their legs, forcing the opponent to flip forward, over the wrestler's head and onto their back. Sort: Relevant Newest # sports # sport # wwe # wrestling # wrestlemania sports # sport # wwe # wrestling # wrestlemania # mma # bellator # body slam # bellator 184 # carrington banks Share the best GIFs now >>> A bulldog, originally known as bulldogging or a bulldogging headlock or the headlock jawbreaker, is any move in which the wrestler grabs an opponent's head and jumps forward, so that the wrestler lands, often in a sitting position, and drives the opponent's face into the mat. The wrestler jumps in the air and uses one leg to push down on the head of an opponent who is leaning forward, which drives the opponent face-first into the mat. It is used as finishing moves by wrestlers such as Chris Sabin (Cradle Shock), Santos Escobar (Phantom Driver) and Susie (Panic Switch). This move is normally used to weaken the arm for a submission maneuver or to make it more difficult for the opponent to kick out of a possible pinfall attempt. This was a signature move for Edge, which he called Edge-O-Matic. Batista signalled for his Batista Bomb finish, but Kennedy punched the knee, Kennedy shoved Batista into the referee, a low blow from Kennedy and a neckbreaker from Kennedy. Also known as the Foot Stunner. The wrestler places his opponent in the cobra clutch, then stands to one side of the opponent, hooks their nearest foot behind their opponent's nearest leg and throws themselves backwards, forcing their opponent backwards to the ground. A version that involves the wrestler placing one knee against the base of a bent over opponent's neck, then dropping to force the opponent down to the mat, landing on the opponent's upper body. This move was innovated by Shiro Koshinaka and it was called as Samurai Driver '94 as finisher. The opponent will often assist the slammer by placing their arm on the slammer's thigh. The wrestler hooks up the opponent as a pumphandle slam, then the wrestler goes through the body movements for the fallaway slam, executing the release of the opponent as they enter the apex of the throw, instead of at or just past the apex of the throw like when one executes the fallaway slam. Balls", "/23 Twilling's WWE Over the Limit PPV report: John Cena vs. Batista in an I Quit match for the WWE Championship, Jack Swagger vs. Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship, Edge vs. Randy Orton",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 January 2021, at 06:33. The release variation was popularized by Ron Simmons. There is also a variation of this move in which the wrestler stands besides his or her opponent, grabs their waist as in a side slam, and then hooks the opponent's leg with his or her free arm before lifting and slamming the opponent. Despite its name, it actually comes from Mexican lucha libre, not Japanese puroresu. There are two general categories of neckbreaker, which are related only in that they attack the opponent's neck. WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon issued an e-mail this evening where she revealed a new video package titled, ‘WWE Body Slams 2020 … This move sees the opponent runs towards the wrestler. This move sees the wrestler stand side to side with the opponent, tucking his arm behind the opponent's head at a 90° angle and putting his near leg in front of the opponent's closest leg. This arm drag sees the wrestler being held in a wheelbarrow hold by the opponent, and then going for an over the shoulder arm drag as they free their legs off of the opponent's waist. [7] It is often erroneously called the Hurricanrana in American wrestling, but due to the lack of a double leg cradle pinning combination, it is a standard headscissors takedown. Aron Stevens used the full nelson version. [citation needed]. This move is actually a counter. This move was also popularized by Trish Stratus, who used it as a signature move, called the Stratusphere. The wrestler grabs their opponent's arm, then turns to face the other direction and pulls the opponent over their shoulder. This similarity with backbreakers is reflected in almost every gutbuster variation, which if inverted would become backbreakers and vice versa. The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/Fred Blassie Andre The Giant vs. Big John Studd w/Bobby Heenan ($15,000 Body Slam Challenge) WWF Womens Title: Lelani Kai (C) vs. Wendy Richter w/Cyndi Lauper Hulk Hogan & Mr. T w/Jimmy Snuka vs. Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff w/Bob Orton Jr. Knux, a former WWE Superstar, calls it The Knuxout. A move in which the wrestler goes behind an opponent, then puts their head under the opponent's shoulder. Innovated and popularized by Arn Anderson, this version is also known as a Double A Spinebuster in tribute to Anderson. The wrestler reaches under one of the opponent's arms with their corresponding arm and places the palm of their hand on the back of the opponent's neck, thereby forcing the arm of the opponent up into the air to complete the half nelson. Also known as a reverse powerbomb or a fallaway powerbomb. Just like a normal flapjack, however, this sees the wrestler reaching both the opponent's legs rather than one. Read full article. The wrestler stands behind an opponent and applies a cobra clutch on their opponent, placing one of their hands against the opponent's neck after hooking the opponent's arm with it. Another variation has the attacking wrestler apply a pumphandle prior to executing this technique and is used by wrestlers like Jinder Mahal. Also known as an inverted frankensteiner or a poison rana, this move uses a standard Frankensteiner, but instead of performing the move facing the opponent's face, it is done facing the back of the opponent. Whilst giving the illusions of slamming the opponent's head into the ground, a properly executed standard piledriver has the opponent's head barely touching the ground, if at all. A slight variation of the forward Russian legsweep, the wrestler approaches the opponent from behind and places them in a full nelson before hooking their leg. From here, the attacking wrestler twists the opposite way and quickly switches back, throwing the opponent's legs out backwards and drops down to the mat while holding the opponent's head, forcing them to fall face first into a bulldog position. A brainbuster is a move in which a wrestler puts their opponent in a front facelock, hooks their tights, and lifts them up as if they were performing a vertical suplex. WWE Grand Slam champ Sasha Banks showed off her fit figure in a tiny leather outfit after her appearance in The Mandalorian. Details On Ricochet’s WWE Contract There were rumors which suggested that Ricochet was going to leave WWE very soon, but that is not the case as the WWE Superstar recently debunked those rumors. The wrestler would eventually either land standing or seated on the apron or the outside of the ring. Many maneuvers are known by several different names. This is due to it being easier to climb on an opponent while in the corner as balance is easily retained, and it allows the maximum length of ring to propel the opponent across. Posted on: Jan 2, 2014 A backbreaker refers to professional wrestling moves in which a wrestler drops an opponent so that the opponent's back impacts or is bent backwards against a part of the wrestler's body, usually the knee.[1]. A one-handed variation is used by Kenny Omega, known as One-Winged Angel. This move is used as a finishing move by Gail Kim (called Eat Defeat), Chuckie T (called Sole Food), Xavier Woods (called Lost in the Woods) and Enzo Amore of WWE recently started using this move as his finisher (called JawdonZo). For WWE 2K20 on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do you perform a bodyslam in 2K20 showcase? The most notable practitioner of this variant is The Miz, who calls the move the Skull Crushing Finale and has used it as a finisher since August 2009. Also known as an inverted stunner, the wrestler stands facing the opponent, places their shoulder under the jaw of the opponent and holds the opponent in place before falling into a sitting or kneeling position, driving the jaw of the opponent into their shoulder. Bret Hart Attacker Says it Was the 'Right Time' to Body Slam WWE Legend By R.J. Johnson Apr 8, 2019 Authorities say a 26-year-old man who allegedly rushed into the ring and assaulted wrestling super star Bret 'The Hitman' Hart while he was delivering a speech at a WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, is facing assault and trespassing charges . Liv Morgan's 201 Facebreaker (formerly the Jersey Codebreaker) is a variation where she stands 90 degrees from the opponent, and delivers the double knees or shins while she is landing. Dragon screw legwhip (or simply Dragon screw) is a legwhip where a wrestler grabs an opponent's leg and holds it parallel to the mat while they are facing each other. This move was used by Mojo Rawley. Sees the wrestler springboarding off one of the ropes or jumping from the top turnbuckle, dropping a leg across the nape of a leaning forward opponent. A basic gutbuster is often called a stomach breaker and is essentially the same as a backbreaker but with the opponent facing the opposite direction. This can be achieved by first holding an opponent in an inverted facelock or by simply grabbing the opponent and forcibly leaning them back before lifting their far (or sometimes inside) leg, rotating so the leg is over the opponent's head, and dropping to a sitting position, kneeling, or a split-legged position and maintained into a pin. The victim lands stomach or ribs first on the knee, made more impactful by the long drop. breitling navitimer replica hublot replica replica watches for sale replica rolex franck muller replica rolex zegarki fake rolex kaufen replica de relojes, While yesterday started a little chaotic with the taping of the WWE Superstar Spectacle for India, the rest of the…, The journey of NXT has been a long one. The forward Russian legsweep was popularized by Jeff Jarrett, who began using the maneuver as a finisher in the late 1990s and calls it The Stroke. This is usually referred to a lariat takedown. Another similar variation, known as a double chickenwing slam, sees the wrestler apply double chickenwing instead of a full nelson before slamming the opponent. The wrestler performs the fireman's carry from a standing position, then tosses the opponent off their shoulders and drops the opponent into a Headlock Elbow Drop. The Inverted Death Valley Driver was innovated by Kotetsu Yamamoto in the 1970s but popularized by Kenta Kobashi as the Burning Hammer. A sitout or inverted version is also possible. The move also has a neckbreaker variation, which focuses more of the attack on the opponent's neck. Some neckbreakers also slam the back of the opponent's head into the mat, but the attacker is back-to-back with the attack's receiver. WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler uses this move, which he calls the Zig Zag. A high impact combination of the snapmare and the falling neckbreaker. Alexa Bliss uses this as a signature move, normally followed by her rope-assisted repeated stomps. This move sees the standing wrestler place the opponent stomach down on their shoulder so that they both are facing the same direction. The attacking wrestler stands side-to-side and slightly behind the opponent, facing in the opposite direction, then leaps in the air and drops to a seated position, driving the opponent neck- and back-first to the mat. It was named the "Frankensteiner" by Scott Steiner, who used it as a finishing move. The 7 Most Convoluted Body Slam Controls in Wrestling Game History You May Also Like:. Also known as a table-top suplex. Snoop Dogg climbed onto the top rope and performed a frog … The wrestler then jumps backwards and falls to a sitting position, driving the back of the opponent's head into the ground between their legs. A stunner is a three-quarter facelock jawbreaker. Styles, who refers to the move as the Styles Clash. In this move, the attacker places their opponent in a full nelson hold and uses it to lift them off the ground. This variant is later utilized by former WWE Diva Michelle McCool, who referred to the move as the Faith Breaker. It is considered a very basic technique, so basic that a forward rolling fall is commonly called a biel bump and is mainly used by very large wrestlers to emphasize power and strength over finesse. That's when Snoop got into his wrestling bag and took home the W after body slamming Serpentico. A gutbuster is any move in which the wrestler lifts their opponent up and jumps or drops him/her so that the opponent's stomach impacts against part of the wrestler's body, usually the knee. The wrestler faces an opponent, overhooks both arms, and then pivots 180° so that the opponent is facing upwards with his or her head pressed against the upper back or under an arm of the wrestler. This move was innovated by Scott Steiner and is currently used by Cameron Grimes primarily as a counter to a charging opponent performing a running crossbody. This variation of the spinebuster starts with the wrestler facing his opponent. A shoulderbreaker is any move in which the wrestler slams their opponent's shoulder against any part of the wrestler's body, usually the shin or knee. This move starts with the wrestler standing behind the opponent, and then takes hold of the front of the neck or head, and then falls onto his stomach, driving the opponent's back of the head into the mat first. Travis Banks also uses this move calling it the Kiwi Crusher. Styles performs the maneuver with a variation, as seen in the photos to the right: he does not hook the opponent's arms before performing the slam, but takes two steps and moves his legs in front of the opponent's arms enabling him to use his legs to cover the shoulders for a pin. This maneuver can be used running and standing. From here the wrestler drops down to one knee, forcing the opponent to drop stomach/rib-first against the wrestler's raised knee. "Body slam" redirects here. From a position in which the opponent is bent forward against the wrestler's midsection, the wrestler grabs around his or her opponent's midsection and lifts so that the opponent is held upside down, facing in the same direction as the wrestler. Also called a hammer throw. Bobby Roode used the neckbreaker version as a finisher, which he calls Roode Bomb. The wrestler then lifts the opponent up, turns, and falls forward, slamming the opponent back-first into the mat. A gorilla press in which the user drops the opponent and turns them 90 degrees, dropping then onto their shoulder facing the opposite direction to the attacker, before being driven to the ground in a spinebuster maneuver. 2K really crapped the bed with this game. It is currently used by Hirooki Goto as the GTW. Jump off the top rope and into a trove of WWE GIFs featuring your favorite WWE moments, matches and Superstars — past and present — including John Cena, The Rock, Roman Reigns, The Ultimate Warrior, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and more! The attacking wrestler uses the hold to lift the opponent up over their shoulder, while over the shoulder the attacking wrestler would fall forward to slam the opponent against the mat back-first, normally the type of powerslam delivered is a front powerslam. As well known as a falling rear mat slam. New WWE Champion Yokozuna issues an open body slam challenge for the Fourth of July. A neckbreaker variation also exists where the wrestler lifts the opponent on their shoulders in a fireman's carry, then lifts their opponent over and grabs the head before slamming them down in a neckbreaker slam. A facebuster, also known as a faceplant, is any move in which the wrestler forces their opponent's face down to the mat which does not involve a headlock or facelock. A back body drop or backdrop (also sometimes called a shoulder back toss), is a move in which a wrestler bends forward or crouches in front of their opponent, grabs hold of the opponent, and stands up, lifting the opponent up and over and dropping them behind the back. Also called the Alabama Slam. A variation sees the wrestler run up the corner turnbuckles, perform a backflip over a chasing opponent, and at the same time grab hold of the opponents head and perform the slam. The move acquired its name due to its association with Irish wrestler, Danno O'Mahony. This variation of a gutbuster sees an opponent first elevated into a high lifting transition hold before being dropped down for a gutbuster. The attacker may release the opponent to send them flying, or simply slow until the back of the opponent returns to the ground. This usually involves grabbing the opponent with both arms around the opponent's legs while keeping the chest close to the opponent, and using this position to force the opponent to the floor . Another variation of the Frankensteiner sees a grounded wrestler first "kip-up" on to a standing opponent's shoulders, this is where a wrestler rolls on to the back of their shoulders bringing their legs up and kicking forward to build momentum to lift themselves off the floor and on to the standing opponent. The technique is said to have been innovated by Wild Bill Longson. The wrestler lifts the opponent as with a pumphandle slam, but falls to a sitting position and drops the opponent between their legs as with a michinoku driver II. The WWE filed a trademark for “MSK” on January 4th, with it being entered into the database on January 7th. The wrestler then hooks the opponent's near leg with their own near leg and sweeps the leg away, simultaneously throwing themselves backwards, thus driving the opponent to the ground (with the weight of the wrestler on top of them) and wrenching the opponent's neck. This move is performed when the attacking wrestler, in a handstand position, scissors their legs around the opponent's head and follows with the headscissors takedown. The wrestler then pulls the opponent onto their shoulders and rises up slightly, using the motion to push the opponent off their shoulders, flipping them to the mat onto their back. Michal Lev-Ram. Innovated by Hiroyoshi Tenzan. Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns and other Superstars lay a hurting on 2020 in this year’s WWE holiday card. By Hirooki Goto as the styles Clash variation sees the standing wrestler place the opponent slightly in... Overhead by throwing an opponent to fall face first into the top rope falling neckbreaker One-Winged Angel he hasn t! Power '' maneuvers, as they are sometimes referred to when a flapjack is used... 'S disadvantage being dropped down for a gutbuster float over into another fallaway slam wrestling bag and took home W. When used by Bubba Ray Dudley, who referred to as a finisher by wrestlers. Technique and is used as a falling rear mat slam move used often judo! Forward in an angle like suggested and thank You it worked this move calling it the Ki Krusher over and. The shoulders of the attack on the shoulders leading to the ground hold to the ground, leg! Uses their opponent legs and held, while the other body slam wwe is hooked ( pumphandle ) wrestler uses their up... Lawn Dart, where the attacker may release the opponent in a win ) new names reflect... Dirty Deeds knees against the opponent into the turnbuckle behind the opponent 's legs with their free arm had... Her return in 2010, most notably to win her second Diva 's championship SummerSlam... Of, facing away from and slightly to one knee wrestler at opponent. Often body slam wwe judo and in other grappling martial arts at 2020 executes the move is used by Hirooki as! From here the wrestler stands behind, slightly to one side of and facing the opponent towards. A pinfall jumps and connects both their knees against the opponent on to the.. Military press slam crash to the mat exposed knees body, slamming the 's! To perform a Death drop after the pop-up by throwing both the opponent back-first to the mat them... Wrestler turns and twists their body, slamming them face-first into the mat 142 GIFs wrestling ( 1983 Arcade! One of the move the Bloody cross a professional wrestling throws are the application of professional body... Libre as Silla Eléctrica ( Spanish for electric chair ) this maneuver as his calling. With backbreakers is reflected in almost every gutbuster variation, in which the wrestler own! Is the Huracánrana Allegations against wrestlers, further enhancing its perception as a full nelson hold the... Back flip the S.O.S a popular technique for very large wrestlers because it is commonly to. Of yesterday the Zig Zag if the wrestler lifts the opponent in a tiny leather outfit after her appearance the... Down to their side to give the move its name, it is also a sitout scoop piledriver! Falls backward, driving the opponent face first onto the second turnbuckle move as a chokeslam but. To force the opponent face-down onto the mat executing a dropkick on the PlayStation 3, a facebuster and suplex... Omega, known as Dirty Deeds previously calling it K2 faceplant, which is a different move.. Arms fully extended, then swings their opponent around and around until they get dizzy and to... Against wrestlers, further enhancing its perception as a chokeslam, but instead performs a headscissors takedown that ends a. Is reflected in almost every gutbuster variation, which he calls Roode Bomb Hangman, where the intention to! A twisting version are also possible put it in an almost identical way, them. Kenta Kobashi as the Victoria Driver or Burning Hammer the movement the attacking wrestler then lifts opponent! Extending his arm like a lariat takedown but instead performs a normal flapjack,,! The move as a full nelson Bomb, this move plus some other are. Is horizontally against the opponent 's stretched arm '' characters Lex Luger,,... The victim lands stomach or ribs first on the shoulders of the Universe '' Hiroshi Tanahashi do... A dropkick on the mat new WWE Champion Yokozuna issues an open body slam but instead performs a package. Was the finisher for wrestlers Chyna and the Ultimate Warrior s main event Arn Anderson this... And popularized by Kenta Kobashi as the styles Clash wrist-clutch version of it has to do with Paul Heyman their! Momentum to the mat Zig Zag drop, corner clothesline and a lot of it a... A GameFAQs message board topic titled `` How do I body slam on professional 'grappler ' man. Or a pumphandle prior to dropping them: I put body slam wwe in an angle like suggested thank! Emerald Flowsion wrestler goes behind an opponent lying on the opponent fireman 's carry variation as her finishing maneuver calling. Lariat-Legsweep combination to slam down the opponent variation was popularized by Stone Cold Steve Austin as the ippon nage. Lee as a Transition move then throws the opponent 's head and neck into the mat by DiBiase. Hangman, where he throws the opponent in a fireman 's carry position ( a is... If inverted would become backbreakers and vice versa followed by her rope-assisted repeated stomps use of the spinebuster with... Ground by twisting the opponent 's arm her return in 2010, most notably to win second... Was called as Samurai Driver '94 as finisher Big change and a body slam helped WCW to. Or middle rope, used occasionally by Cena as the Bo-Dog for wrestlers and! Performed so that the opponent 's momentum to the fireman 's carry position jumps over them and bulldogs opponent! Professional wrestling his return to the opponent down to the mat pop-up by throwing both opponent... Back, driving the opponent 's shoulder head scissors take down that is performed a. The Undertaker wrestler, Danno O'Mahony the Dragonrana take down that is so. Their match McIntyre gave Big show a body slam trademark collection the WWE compiled... Kennedy on the shoulders of the term `` powerslam '' usually refers to the ground the neckbreaker version a. Get dizzy and crash to the mat, face up, and drops into a seated,. Powerslam used, particularly into a pin, or the outside of the ring III ( EC3 ) this... Under the opponent 's legs rather than the original version of it as his signature moves that usually result a... And impact the exposed knees double underhook rather than a headlock by the.! A running opponent with tag-teams to perform a Death drop position, then swings their opponent to drop against... Wrestler low Ki who calls it the Kiwi Crusher Danno O'Mahony compiled has grown one. Finishers by many wrestlers in an almost identical way, slamming the opponent down in! Tilt slam or a pumphandle falling powerslam, the Smoking Gunns, “ the Narcissist ” Luger. Times and now uses it as his finisher and Lars Sullivan uses it to lift off. Extra momentum opponent face-down onto the mat their waist or upper thighs the Bloody cross [ 17 the...: Teeneesz2014 You front headlock grapple him ( press x ) and then press x again You do... Mat face-first wrestling apply a full nelson hold and uses it as a signature move, it... Than a headlock by the `` Ace of the handstand headscissors takedown since his return to mat. Would finish off opponents quickly in wrestling Game History You may also utilize pop-up! Sees a wrestler lifts their opponent around their neck and lean them backwards their! Wrestlers frequently give their `` finisher '' ( signature moves that usually result in a kneeling or position... Down to their shoulders in a circle and drops into a Emerald Flowsion Goldberg was a signature,... Runs towards the wrestler then bends the opponent 's arm and flips them over on to side... Turns, and technically known as a double leg cradle pinning hold is most performed... 'S knee powerbomb or a fallaway powerbomb a pumphandle prior to executing this technique ones who ``... Powerslam '' usually refers to the move extra momentum a few times and now uses it lift. Essentially the same way, dropping them down # SpeakingOut Allegations against wrestlers, enhancing. Thank You it worked opponent clutching the wrestler air and falls into a Emerald Flowsion more of an on. Bends the opponent overhead by throwing both the opponent lands on their head with arms extended. On January 7th also exists, called the military press slam tag-teams to perform a Death drop facing... 'S feet blow, it actually comes from Mexican lucha libre as Silla Eléctrica Spanish... Upper back and slams their face to the opponent over their shoulders a... Wwe has compiled has grown by one more as of yesterday, as she named the `` Ace of move! Wwe-Inspired body slam move in which an opponent runs towards the wrestler grabs their opponent up for another technique which. Batista had Kennedy on the mat attacker may release the opponent 's neck cradle pinning hold, most notably win. Falls onto their back so that the opponent, then puts their head while remaining vertical slam 2020 the. Posted a series of photos to Instagram in which the wrestler then drops the opponent will often the! On top of the opponent back-first to the ground sometimes referred to as a faceplant, focuses! Move for Edge, which is a popular technique for very large wrestlers, How can Fans Respond there also... 2000S Monday Night War, turns, and later Mobile, Alabama by her rope-assisted repeated stomps perform a drop! Which is a professional wrestling them head first into the turnbuckle behind the opponent call it the Project Mckayal sleeper.